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Add new respondents to an existing sendout

To add new respondents, you will need to go to the Distribution page of you survey and click the sendouts name and click Continue in order to get to the Respondents tab. Alternatively you can click the number in the right column called Respondents. This will lead you directly to the Respondents tab of your sendout.

On this page you will have the option to Upload file on the left-hand side of the screen. Click this option and you can select Add File to select an Excel file that you wish to use from your desktop.

We recommend that you select a file that only contains the new respondents that you want to add. Should you have a list with respondents that you have already sent the survey to, you will need to check the option called Update existing respondents if matched. If you do not check this box, all already existing respondents will be added a second time to the sendout, providing them with multiple links to the survey and they will count double in the answer frequency calculations in the report.

When you have updated the list with the new respondents you will need to click Continue to access the Activation tab of your sendout where you will need to Activate your sendout again to send the survey to the newly added respondents.

Important: The system will automatically filter out those respondents that have already received a sendout and only send it to the newly added respondents. So, if you have 100 respondents that the survey has already been sent to, and you add five new e-mail addresses and activate, you will only send the survey to the five respondents that you have recently added.