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Administration settings – overview

Table of contents

    What is an Administrator?

    For each Netigate account, your company can assign certain users to be administrators of that account. What this means is that those people are responsible for keeping user accesses and system settings up to date. The most crucial responsibility is to create and maintain user accesses active. Part of this responsibility is also to make sure that each individual user has the correct permissions so that they can see the surveys that are relevant to their work and if they should be able to create and edit surveys do so as well.

    There are a number of different account settings that need the attention of administrators as well. These settings include Password settings, Data retention settings and set up the Survey categories for your survey categorisation among others.

    Where do I find the account administration settings?

    You can find account administration settings in the left-hand menu of the screen by clicking the option called Account settings.

    It is also possible to access the account administration settings via the main menu inside the tool by clicking the option Settings on the Home menu of the tool.

    What can I find in the account administration settings?

    From this menu, you have links to the different administrative settings in the tool. The buttons that are visible in the account settings page are the following:

    Graph colors

    This option will allow you to set the graph colours of all your reports within Netigate. This setting will affect all users that are connected to the account.

    To read more, click here.

    Survey categories

    The survey category function is used to divide surveys into different categories. You can use the survey categories in the user management as a way to add specific permission to users.

    To read more, click here.


    Blacklist is a function used to filter out words that should not be used by the text analysis module in the survey reports. A word that is blacklisted will never be displayed in the automatically generated word clouds.

    To read more, click here.


    Blocklist is a function used to filter out respondents that should not be contacted via e-mail or SMS sendouts. A respondent that is added to the block list will never be contacted with any sendouts from the survey distribution of that account.

    To read more, click here.

    E-mail templates

    The e-mail templates function is a way to create and save specific e-mail designs and texts. An e-mail template can easily be selected for all future e-mail sendouts from the e-mail distribution of a survey. E-mail templates are only available for customers with certain license types.

    To read more, click here.

    User management

    As an administrator, this is where you add new users and set up user groups in your account. You can also preview, notify, and edit existing users.

    To read more, click here.

    Password settings

    This option will allow you, as an administrator, to set the necessary requirements regarding the strength of user passwords in the account you are the administrator for. This setting will affect all users that are connected to the account.

    To read more, click here.


    DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) is an anti-phishing and anti-spam technology that ties a digital signature to all e-mail sendouts that are sent from the account. E-mails that are signed with a DKIM signature are rarely marked as spam and have an advantage over normal e-mail sendouts.

    To read more, click here.

    Data retention

    Data retention is a function where you can regulate the storage of survey data within your account. It is a way for you to automatically schedule actions that will be performed after a set amount of time. These actions are focused on data protection and the security of personal data.

    To read more, click here.

    Export personal data

    Export personal data is a function in the Netigate account settings. On this page, you will be able to search for an individual respondent’s e-mail or telephone number to view existing- or export all personal data that you have saved about that specific respondent. You can also delete saved information about any respondent that you have sent surveys to in the past.

    To read more, click here.