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Apply breakdowns and add series

Working with series and adding comparisons between different filters or data selections is a powerful way to break down the result into different levels and sub-levels. It is a quick and easy way to make them comparable with each other in your report.

For example, you can break down the result and compare different departments or sales representatives results with just the click of a button.

Apply breakdown

You can use the option called Apply breakdown when you wish to set up a quick report where you compare all options in a question, for example for Department.

To Apply breakdown, go to the question in your report and in the top right corner of the question you will have a small icon presented with three small dots:

The option called Apply breakdown will create an own unique series/column in your report for each of the response alternatives in the question. When we apply breakdown to Department in our example the question will be presented as follows:

The entire report will be split into these specific series/columns and you will see a quick overview, setting all departments against each other in a comparing presentation.

Break down the result on an NPS question

When you want to break down the result based on an NPS question you will have two different options. Either Apply breakdown or Apply group breakdown.

Apply breakdown will create a comparison between every individual option in the question, providing you with 11 columns in your report.

Apply group breakdown will split the report into the three different NPS-groups, providing you with 3 columns in your report. One column for all Detractors, a second one for Passives and a third one for Promoters. This will give you the opportunity to easily compare the three different groups throughout your report.

Add series

Add series is a way to manually create comparisons and customize your report based on what you want to view in your report.

To create a series, you will need to go to Series in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen and click Add. This will create an additional series in your report named Series 2.

Change presentation name of a series: Click the name of your series and replace it with the text that you want. This affects every data table in your report.

Change colour of series graph: Click the coloured dot, just to the left of the series name, to change the graph colours of your series. This affects every graph in your report.

Add a filter to your series: When you have series added to your report, you probably want to select what data should be displayed in the series. To do this, follow these quick steps:

  1. Go to the question you want to filter your series on.
  2. Click the number of answers or the graph of the option that you wish to filter your series on.
  3. Click Include to reload your report with that filter selected.