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Compare data from different survey links

If you have an ongoing survey which you distribute via survey links, you do not have any personal background data on your respondents as in email send-outs. It is, therefore, hard to filter on variables such as department, office, etc.

However, you can still compare data of different distribution batches. This is useful to compare for example

  • Answers for different time periods
  • Answers for different departments
  • Answers for different geographics

To be able to compare this, you simply create an individual link for each area you want to filter on (e.g. one link/department) and name them in a manner that is scalable for you. In the next step, you include the link as background data in your survey via the import function to the left.

background data - link step 1background data - link step 2

Read more about links as background data in this article.

After successful import you are able to use the links as filter in your report.