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Create a PowerPoint template

There is a standard template for all users in Netigate. This template is a Netigate standard template which everyone can use to export their data to PowerPoint. In most cases, you would like to export the survey result with your own company-template instead. If you do not already have a template it will have to be added to your account. The template needs to match a couple of standard requirements for exporting the survey data correctly.

Two example templates that you can use as a sample for your own template:

How to create:

You can design your template by adding your own logos, graphics, fonts and colours. You are also welcome to add a footer and images.

First page:

To add an automatic presentation of the exported survey name on the page, use @surveyname
To add the survey’s duration (start to end-dates), use @period
To add the total amount of answers to your survey, use @answers
To add the answer frequency of the survey, use

For graph page (second page):

  • You can choose where you want the headline to be shown, using a text box in which you enter “Title“. You can choose the size of the text and change the colour and font. It is recommended to place it at the top of the page.
  • You choose where you want to add an optional description of the question using the “Description” text box. It is recommended to insert this just below the title.
  • You can add a chart to mark where the charts will be displayed later. You do this by adjusting the size of the chart. The system will use the outer margins of the graph.

We recommend that you plan for enough margin space for the charts and headers.

Please note: Some aspects of the Powerpoint export are not customisable, such as the number of digits behind the comma. If you require a different form of presentation, you can make the adjustments directly in the exported Powerpoint file.

If you have completed your template and want it linked to your account, please send the template to your designated contact person to apply it to your account.