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Creating a respondent list

To create a respondent list you will need to begin with preparing an Excel file in XLSX format. Column A should contain all e-mail addresses, logins or telephone numbers that you want to add to your send-out.

The following columns may contain all other known attributes for each respondent, if you need them. Those characteristics can be information such as a name, gender, customer group, language, etc.

Important: The table must not contain empty rows or columns. You can leave a cell empty but it is important that you have a value in each of the cells of Column A. Excel formulas and formatting must be removed before Netigate can successfully process the file.

Please feel free to use this picture as an example/orientation:

You can then add your respondent list in the send-out to any of your surveys. To do this, please go to the send-out of your survey and select E-Mail (if you use a SMS or Login send out, please choose that option).

You can write a short e-mail/SMS and prepare the date of the send-out, but this can also be done later. In any case, the next step is to move on to the respondents tab to upload your list of participants. Select Add File and then select the prepared list from your desktop. Click Continue and Netigate will upload the data and process it.

Note: If you have duplicates in your list, those respondents will be contacted several times. For example, if an e-mail address is listed ten times, it will receive ten invitations. If you are unsure, check Remove Duplicates. This prevents you from accidentally contacting your respondents multiple times.

In the following Configure fields window you may edit the data as needed later for your report/send-out: