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Design template

What is the Design template?

The design template determines what your survey will look like for respondents.

Where do I find the Design template?

To access the Design Template go to the edit mode of your survey. You will see it at the top of the page.

The window that opens will offer you different Netigate template designs that you can choose from. If your company has uploaded its own design, it can also be found here.

design template


You can Customise an existing design by uploading your company logo. For this, choose the button Upload. Note: the max. size for logos is 2MB.

Display mode

You can also decide whether you want to use the Display Mode. In Display Mode, the survey automatically jumps to the next question when an answer has been given by the respondent. However, please note that the automatic redirection only works for matrixes, NPS questions, drop-down, star rating and radio buttons. The automatic jump to the next question does not work for checkboxes, textboxes, media, info text and slider since the system cannot recognise if a respondent has finished their answer or not. Example: Checkboxes allow users to choose several options, the system would have to guess when the respondent has finished checking all their options. In these cases, the respondent has to manually click on Continue.

If you prefer that respondents manually choose to continue to the next question, disable Display Mode.


The preview option lets you see how respondents will see your survey in the chosen design on different devices.