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E-mail Templates

The e-mail templates function is a way to create and save specific e-mail designs and texts. An e-mail template can easily be selected for all future e-mail sendouts from the e-mail distribution page of a survey.

The availability of email templates depends on the type of license you have and is not available for all licenses. If you cannot access E-Mail Templates, contact your Netigate Account Manager for more information.

How do I create an E-mail template?

When entering the E-mail template menu, you can either select an existing template from the drop-down list, create a new one from scratch or delete a selected template.

If you click Create you will see the identical menu that you see when creating an e-mail text in the distribution menu of a survey. To read about the different options you have when adding the e-mail text, visit the article about e-mail sendouts here.

Create a template in HTML

In some cases, you want to create a more advanced template with more design features than the standard format of just images and text. To do this, you have the option to click HTML and build your templates from scratch in HTML and CSS. Designed templates are generally used for newsletters and more official sendouts but can easily be used for your surveys as well.

How to use a template for a sendout?

To select the template that you have created you will need to create an e-mail sendout in the distribution page of your survey. At the bottom left of the page you will have a drop-down menu from which you can select the e-mail template that you wish to use.