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Event registration and timeslots with Netigate

Table of contents

    Netigate surveys can be used as invitations or registration forms. How simple or complex you want to design it depends on the type of event, how many participants you want to allow, as well as how many timeslots are available.

    How to set up an event registration

    At the beginning of each successful event stands the professional management of the invitation. Online surveys allow you to optimise your invitation management, to handle RSVPs, and to send automatic reminders. Send your invitation and the registration form via email to the participants.

    In addition to the registration, you can even ask for further relevant information, e.g. if the participants require a hotel room, if they have any expectations or wishes for the event, if any special diets are required, etc.

    Yes/No replies

    A basic form of invitation can use a single yes or no question in order to know if attendants plan on participating. This is probably best to do with either a radio button question or a dropdown question, where the two response alternatives are called “yes” and “no”. Thus, when a respondent answers you will see whether they will attend or not.

    If you have a number of timeslots available, different activities, or perhaps want to see dietary preferences you may only want the ones who are actually participating to answer. This is most easily done by using survey logic.

    How to exclude non-participants

    The easiest way to only ask for additional information from participants is to send respondents who answer “no” to participating directly to the end of the survey. This is done by clicking the page logic button.

    event registration with Netigate

    Set the logic so that it correlates with your wishes.

    Example: I want to jump to page “End of survey” when answer on this question “Will you participate?” equals “No”.

    Then press Save Changes.

    event registration with Netigate

    How do I ask for additional information from participants?

    If you would like to ask the participants for more information, you can utilise logic for that purpose. If you only have a simple “Yes” or “No” survey, you can follow the steps from the chapter above “How to exclude non-participants” and you are all set. People who will not participate will jump to the end of the survey, everyone else will continue with the survey, where you can ask for more information.

    However, maybe you have an invitation to an event where participants can choose activities. For example, they can either partake in a group discussion or a workshop and you have 2 timeslots for the workshop.

    The timeslots for the workshop are not relevant for those respondents, who want to take part in the group discussion, however, the additional information, e.g. dietary preferences, might still be relevant for both groups of participants.

    In that case, you can add logic to hide the choice about the timeslots for the discussion participants.

    Start by clicking the logic button on the question you want to hide and set the logic in line with your requirements.

    Example: I want to hide Question when answer on this question “What activity would you like to participate in?” equals “Discussion”.

    event registration with Netigate

    This way the timeslot selection will be hidden for the group discussion participants but all participants will still be able to provide additional information or answer other questions that are present on that page.

    How to set a maximum amount of participants?

    If you want to set up a limit to the number of participants that can register, you can set the page-level logic to hide the page with the registration question, once a specific number of participants has been reached. Participants could instead reach a page that informs them that the event is already fully booked (do not forget to hide this respective page for all of your participants you can still register for the event).

    • Click the page logic button on the page where you want to limit the number of respondents
    • Select hide
    • Set it to trigger when count on the number of responses on a certain question is greater than X. X is the number of available seats for participants minus one.
      Example: If you set is greater than 59, it will cause the logic to trigger after the 60th participant has responded “yes”
    • Click Save Changes

    If you want to inform them that the event is closed

    • Create a page or info text on an existing page with the information you want your respondents to receive
      Example: Unfortunately, this event is already fully booked. Contact us if you have any further questions.
    • Click the logic button of that page / mechanism
    • Select hide
    • Set it to trigger when Count On the number of responses Is Less Than X. X is the number of available seats for participants minus one.
      Example: If you set is less than 59, it will cause the logic to trigger after the 60th participant has responded “yes”.
    • Click Save Changes.

    How to add one timeslot per respondent?

    By adding question-level logic you can set up your survey to have one respondent registered per available timeslot. The set-up is as follows:

    • Click the question logic button
    • In the top left field select either Hide or Disable and then select the intended response alternative. Hiding will cause it to not appear as a response alternative whereas disabling it will cause it to be unselectable when the prerequisites are fulfilled
    • Set it to trigger when count on the question with the timeslot to hide/disable is greater than X. X is the number of available timeslots minus one.
    • Make sure to check that the alternative to hide/disable is the same as the one selected under Value
    • Repeat for each response alternative/timeslot. Click the Add logic button to get a new logic field
    • Click Save changes

    event registration with Netigate

    How to set up notifications for my event?

    If you want to be notified after a certain amount of respondents have chosen to participate you can add page-level logic to do so.

    • Click the page logic button and select Notify. Type in your email address in the text field to the right of the Notify text
    • Set it to trigger when count on the amount of responses to a certain alternative is greater than X. X is the number of respondents you wish to have notifications about, minus one.
      Example: If you want to be notified once the 45th person has registered for your event, you set X to be 44
    • Click Save changes

    If you want to send participation confirmations to the participants you can select to notify an email that the respondent has provided. Read this guide for more in-depth information about using logic to send notifications.

    Note: For logic to work on questions it needs to refer to other pages. It is not possible to hide, disable or jump to questions or pages if the reference is on the same page as the question triggering the logic. It is also strongly recommended to build the entire survey before adding logic to ensure the logic refers to the finalised layout.

    Tip: It can be a good idea to not have anonymous results in order to see what each respondent has selected. This can be set up in Survey Settings. Also, consider limiting participation to once per person to avoid multiple access to the survey from the same device.