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Filter survey answers

Filtering the report is useful when you need to see the result for a particular group or category of your survey’s respondents. Filtering survey answers can be done based on a background data question or a question that have been answered inside the survey.

How do I filter my result on survey answers?

To be able to filter the result you will need the question to include any type of pre-defined response alternatives (Radiobutton, Drop-down menu, Checkbox or Matrix) or, if you are filtering on background data, an Ordinal background data-column imported to your questionnaire.

When you want to filter your result, go to the question you want to base your filter on. For example, if you have the question Department in your survey, you can filter on a specific option by going to the table of the question and clicking on the number of answers for the specific option you want to see. In this example we will filter on Sales.

To do this click on 49 / 42% (marked in red) or directly on the graph connected to the option you want to filter on and click on Include:

This will generate a report containing only the answers connected to the answer option that have been included. It is possible to include and/or exclude multiple options if needed.

What does Include and Exclude mean?

When you have clicked to filter on a group of answers you are given two options, Include or Exclude. The option you select will decide what you will see in your report.

Include: When you select to Include an option, the answers connected to that specific answer option will be a part of the report that you will see on screen. If only one option is included, all other options will be zero and the answers will not be displayed in the report. In other words, you will only see the report for the specific option that you have selected. In this example we selected to include Sales which mean all other departments have been excluded from the report.

Exclude: When you select Exclude the answers connected to that specific option will not be a part of the report. Once an option has been excluded it will show the option as containing zero answers and the answers connected to it will be hidden from your report.

How do I delete or manage my current filters?

You can view your current filters and manage them from the Filters menu to the left-hand side of the screen. If there are filters added to your report you should see the number of filters currently active directly in the menu, just next to the button. Once you click Filters a new menu will open and you can see General filters and Filter on series. General filters affect the entire report while Filter on series only affect the specific series that you select.

Under the Series name you will be presented with the options that have been included or excluded for that series and you also have the possibility to remove the filer by clicking X.

By changing the option Results period you can limit the series or report to only display answers within a specific period of time. For example, if you select the option called Past 6 months, you will only see answers that were submitted within the last 6 months and is connected to the included option. In this case we see all answers registered to Sales in the last 6 months.