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Individual answers and respondents

In the menu called options of your report you will be able to see all individual answers that have been registered to your survey, providing that you don’t have a “cross tabulation limit” to your login or survey. The cross tabulation limit will hide this meny from your view in order to protect the anonymity of your respondents.

Watch a short tutorial:

To access the respondents menu click on “Respondents” located in the menu on the left hand side when viewing your result. You can see the overview of “Respondents” in the screenshot below.

A list of the headers and areas available on this page:

Answered: Means the respondent started their answer but have not provided a complete answer.

Completed: They have answered the survey and completed the answer, meaning they have submitted their answer by clicking “Finish” on the last question of the survey.

Accessed: The respondent have pressed the survey link to access the survey but have not provided any answers to the questions in the survey.

Not Accessed: The respondents that have not yet clicked the link in the sendout they have received to access the survey.

Status: The status of the answers based on your activity in the report. You can filter on the different statuses.

  • Unread: The answer have not been viewed at an individual level.
  • Read: The answer have been viewed at an individual level.
  • Commented: The answer have been commented on, and sent to the respondent, within the report.
  • Updated: The answer have been updated by the respondent after a comment was registered and sent.

Respondents: Will show the e-mail adress of the respondent, or just show “Anonymous” if the survey is set to display “Anonymous results” from the survey settings.

Survey start: The date when the answer was first accessed by the respondent.

Completed date: The date when the answer was completed by the respondent.

Duration: How much time have progressed between the survey start and completed date.

Progress: How far into the survey the respondent have answered.

Delete: Will delete the answers for every question by that specific respondent and the respondent will be considered as “Not accessed“. Please note: A deleted answer will be removed completely and can not be retrieved again.


By clicking any of the buttons (Answered, Completed, Accessed or Not Accessed) the system will only show the respondents that belong to that category, as seen in this example. The button for completed has been clicked so only the respondents that completed the survey will be shown in the respondent view.