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Logic overview

Table of contents

    What is logic?

    In Netigate you have the option to use logic to control the flow of your questions and, thereby, personalise your surveys for the respondents. Some of the features depend on your license type. If you have questions, please contact your Netigate account manager.

    Where to add logic?

    You add logic in the edit mode of your survey. We strongly recommend that you finish the set-up of your entire survey before you add logic to it. In the edit mode, you can see the logic symbol in two places: on page level and on question level.


    This is the logic symbol in the upper right corner of the page, next to the name of the page. You use this logic-button when you want to affect entire pages (several questions can be on one page) with your logic. This includes, for example:


    You can see the logic symbol also directly in the upper right corner of each individual question. The logic here affects only that specific question, not the entire page. You can use this logic button when you want to

    How to use logic?

    To read about some concrete examples on how to use logic, please visit our specific logic articles: