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When to use?

If, for some reason, you do not have access to the respondents individual e-mail addresses or mobile phone numbers, logins will carry the same benefits as e-mail or SMS surveys, such as traceability. Logins will provide a username, password and survey ID that will allow them to respond to the survey. You will also be provided with individual links for each of the respondents should you need to input data into the survey from paper survey for example.

Watch a short tutorial video:

How to create?

Click Login” to access the logins menu. In this menu you will you have three options on how to add you logins.

Add logins: This option allows you to easily copy and paste e-mail addresses from another source, such as Excel. The login names need to be separated by a single line break.

You can also “Generate logins”. This will automatically add a series of logins based on your selection.

Enter the name that you wish your logins to have and fill out the amount of logins that you need. Click “OK” to generate. The generated logins will be added to the box “Add logins” and you can click “Add” to finalize the creation.

Use a previously uploaded list: Here you can select an already existing respondent list that have been saved to your account from Respondent Lists. 

Add File: You can upload an Excel-file containing logins that you want to add to the survey. In this list you can include information about your respondents. This information is also called “background data“. You can read more about how to design the file to successfully upload a file here.

You will see how many logins you have added to your sendout in the area called “Added. If you already have added one or more logins to your sendout, you can manage these by clicking “Manage respondents (a small pen icon will appear right next to the number of respondents when there are respondents connected to your sendout). Here you can, for example, delete added login from the mailing or edit information associated with the specific login.

You will need to click “Download login list” in order to retrieved the login information for each login. In the downloaded login file you can find all the information that you need to give to the respondents (marked in the red boxes):

Click “Continue” in the bottom right corner to go back to distribution.

Important: In order for the logins to work you will need to go to “Activation” in the left menu and make sure the survey is active before the logins can be used.

How to use the login information as a respondent?

As a respondent that have received login information they will need to go to a specific login page.

The login page URL:

On this page the respondent can select language and need to fill out the following information:

Survey ID: The unique identifier to the survey.

Username: The individual respondents username.

Password: The individual respondents password.

Click “Submit” to log in to the survey.