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About Magic Import

Netigates Magic Import feature allows you to easily and quickly paste your survey questions e.g. a Word document or an older survey to automatically create a survey in Netigate.

For those who want to learn a little more about the possibilities with our Magic imports and how it controls how the questionnaire will be designed regarding Question header, question description, question mechanisms and response options, I do recommended you to read this article.

Do not want to read? Watch the tutorial video:

First things first, the Magic import feature divide the whole text in to different blocks. To create another block you need to add a double row break (ie enter enter). A block contains either a question header along with a possible question description or a question mechanism consisting of the mechanism title and answer set.

The first block – Question

The first block of text creates a question title and a question description if it contain a maximum of two rows. If the first block contains only one row is creates a question title, if it contains two rows then the first row creates the question title and the second row creates the question description.

All other blocks – Question Mechanism

All other blocks are automatically converted to question mechanisms, with the exception if the first row of the block does start with [Q], read more below.

If there is only one row in the second block, it creates a question mechanism with a textbox, ie, a open text answer.

If there is more than one row in this second block, is creates a question mechanism with radio buttons as default with the possibility to easy change the radio buttons to a drop-down or a multiple choice question. The first row in this block becomes the mechanism title and the other rows becomes the answer set. If the question contains more than five alternatives in the answer set it changes the question mechanism to a drop down menu instead.

If the last row in the block ends with a “:” and one of the following three mechanisms are activated; Radio Button, multiple-choice mechanism or drop down. Then it creates a Connect-to-textbox, i.e. the last option in the answer set is a free text answer, which is used if you want to get the respondent who answered “Other” as an alternative, also to define what others mean.

Use Magic import to get started fast with netigates survey tool

Paste in your surveys from other tools quickly

Matrix Question

To create a matrix:

If the second row in the block contains tabs instead of line breaks between the alternatives, for instance, 1                2                3                4                5

And row 3 and further includes options such as car, boat, cycle, then it forms a matrix where you have to grade the alternatives Car, boat and cycle from 1-5.


If you add a double row break (i.e. enter enter) and starts the first row with [Q] it creates a new question on a new page with a question header and if you have two rows in this block it also adds the second row as a question description.

By clicking the “Click here to add Question Break” you creates a break between the question mechanisms and places the different question mechanisms including mechanism title and answer sets on separate pages in the questionnaire.

Feel free to download our Magic Import example template here.