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All: Click here if you want to see the entire survey all together. Introduction, questions and end text are shown and you can easily manage the layout, spelling, and other details of the questions. Edit the texts and/or questions and answers directly by double clicking the selected subject. To save and display your changes, click Save or click Cancel to discard changes. To change the order of the questions, click on the selected question and drag and drop it to a new location.

Introduction: Here you are given the possibility to write an introduction text. The text will be the first thing the respondents see when they open the survey. This text can, for example, state the purpose of the survey or give special instructions to the respondents. If this field is left blank, the respondents will go directly to the survey questions. Click Save after adding the introduction/welcome text.

Tip! We recommend that you take this opportunity to give the respondents a better understanding of the purpose of their participation and of what the results of the survey will be used for.

On the introduction page, you have a link to the privacy statement. If you need your personalised statement here, it is possible to change the default text with a company-specific statement. Send the URL with the relevant information to our support team and they will link to your information instead. Note: You can only have one privacy statement per account.

1 (2, 3, 4, and so on): Indicates how many pages the survey consists of. At first, all surveys contain of only one page but you can easily add a new page by clicking the plus sign.

End text: Under this tab, it is possible to enter a text that your respondents will see when they are finished with the survey. We recommend that you always write a closing text to thank the respondent for having taken the time to answer your survey together with other information you might wish to communicate.

You can at all times click the preview icon in the right corner of the menu to open a test version of the page you are currently working on. Depending on what tab you are standing on, that will be what you are previewing. For example, if you want to go through the whole survey, from introduction to end, make sure that you are on the All or Introduction tab of your survey.