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Password settings

This option will allow you, as an administrator, to set the necessary requirements regarding strength of user passwords in the account you are the administrator of. This setting will affect all users that is connected to the account.

When you enter the password settings you can adjust the following:

    • Minimum number of characters in total: Specify the minimum number of characters that needs to be used in a password.
    • Minimum number of special characters: Specify the number of special characters (! % & @ # $ ^ * ? _ , ~) that need to be used in a password.
    • Set password expiration period: If enabled, specify (in days) when all account passwords will expire. For example, if you set 90 days, all users will be required to set a new password every 90 days (counted from the date of last time a password was set).
    • Number of passwords that are remembered before they can be used again: With this setting you can decide to store already used passwords in the user history. This will require users to choose new passwords, and they will not be able to re-use recently used passwords. For example, if you set “2 passwords” the user will not be able to re-use the two latest passwords they have used.

Click “Save” to apply the settings you have selected.