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Protect your shared report with a password

Why would I password enable my report?

To enable password protection on your shared reports is an additional security measure. If your report entails sensitive data, you don’t want unauthorised people to accidentally have access to it. To add password protection ensures that only those people can open and view the report you shared, that also received a password from you.

How do I password enable my report?

Go to your report and click the Share button. You can do that either through the Manage Reports button in the left-hand menu or directly via the Share button in the top menu. A pop-up window will open with the share settings. Choose if you want to share via link or directly via email and click the little clog-icon to the right. In the drop-down menu, click the toggle Password Protected to enable password protection. You can enter your own password, or click Generate Password to get a generic one. As soon as you see the little green tick next to your password, you know that the protection is enabled.

Note: If you use a password manager it might overwrite your password with ****. In that case, please disable your password manager to see the actual password.

password protection

In your share settings

Share the password with the recipients of your report. They will have to enter it before they can access any data from your report.

password protected report

What your report recipients see