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Remove filters and reset the report

In case you have done an incorrect filter, or you are done working with a specific result and want to remove a filter or reset the report completely to go back to an unedited version of the report you have two options:

  1. You can press the button called “Reset” in the left corner of the function bar of your report. Marked in red on the screenshot above.
  2. Press the button “Filters” in the function bar and manually remove the filter or filters that you no longer wish to use.

1. Reset

When using the button called “Reset” you will not only remove the existing filters but also reset the report back to a standard report. This means that all filters, formatting and changes made to graphs and info texts will be removed leaving you with a completely unedited report. You do not need to worry about your results though.

Note: The Reset” does not remove any answers or data from the survey, it only resets the things that have been edited in your current report that you are working on.


2. Filters

Should you decide to use the “Filters” button you will need to remove the added filters manually. The menu where you do this will look as below screenshot. You will need to decide what filter you wish to remove and just press the to remove the specific filter from your report.