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Respondent panels

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    What are respondent panels?

    Respondent panels are large collections of people who are available to complete surveys. The participants in respondent panels are varied, coming from a wide variety of backgrounds and geographical locations, therefore offering you the opportunity to collect feedback from specific target audiences.

    Netigate works with multiple, external panel providers worldwide in order to swiftly collect and deliver your requested feedback. Once received, you will find all feedback displayed directly in your Netigate account.

    The standard for all respondent panels is that you only pay for the answers you receive.

    Why use respondent panels?

    There are many scenarios where you can make use of respondent panels:

    • You are doing research into a target market.
    • You need to reach a specific target audience.
    • You want to identify product or pricing opportunities.
    • You want to gain insight into your customer demographics.
    • You want to measure and test brand awareness.

    They are particularly valuable in scenarios where you do not have direct contact with your users or customers but wish to receive feedback on your offering.

    Many companies choose to conduct projects on a regular basis, with smaller target groups.  An example of this would be a weekly survey that is repeated for a set amount of time in order to create an understanding of how seasons and events can affect consumers. This type of survey is called a tracking survey.

    How to start using respondent panels

    If you would like to utilise the panels, simply submit a request to Netigate detailing the amount of answers you would like, alongside your contact details. A Netigate representative will then be in touch to assist.


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