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Save and delete reports

There are two options for saving reports in Netigate. You can also read about deleting reports in this article.

Save your report

Reports have an autosave function, which is turned on by default. When this is active, any changes are immediately saved to the report version you are working on. It’s important to note that this will affect shared reports.

If you do not want changes to be automatically saved, autosave mode can be turned off in the report Settings.

When autosave is disabled, a SAVE button will be present at the top of your reports, allowing you to manually save your progress.

NOTE: The toggle is unique for each report version, so you would have to manually disable it for each report.

Delete a report

To delete a report version, click Saved reports. Here, you can delete all report versions, or select individual reports using the corresponding checkboxes.

NOTE: Shared reports will be inaccessible if you delete the report version they are based on.