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Save reports

How to save a report?

When you have created cross tabulations, filters or series you may want to save your report in order to keep your report stored, without having to redo the whole process again. To do this it just requires three simple steps:

First off, click the button called “Save & Load” in the functions bar of your report. It is marked in a red square on the top screenshot.

A new window will appear. In this menu press “Save” or “Save as”, which has the same function for a brand new report to store your report in your Netigate account. If you are working with an already saved report and wish to change name you use “SAVE AS” which gives you the option to rename the report.

Once you have pressed “Save”, choose to enter the name you want the report to be saved as and finish by clicking “Save” once more. With this, your report is saved for later use.