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Overview – See results or edit survey menu

When you want to view the results of a survey or edit an existing survey, you will need to go through the See results or edit survey menu. In this menu, you will be given a quick overview of all ongoing and completed surveys that you have access to through your user login.

Settings for all surveys

You have several options that affect all of your surveys. For example, you can filter your surveys and show only active, upcoming, ongoing or completed surveys.

menu survey overview

Survey calendar

You can also show the Survey Calendar, which shows the schedule of all your surveys in a calendar view. You can adjust the view by month, week, day or show it in list-form.

survey calendar

Survey Export

Another option on this page is the Survey Export. If you click the button Survey Export, you can get the list of all your surveys in Excel or PDF. This list provides you with further information, for example, the user name of the user that created a survey, the date it was created, completed answers, etc. You can use Show/Hide Columns to personalise your list. This list is a good overview of all your surveys with additional information, like user name.export survey data

If you do not see Survey Calendar and Survey Export, contact your Account Manager at Netigate for further information.

Individual surveys

Besides those overarching features, you also see the list of all your surveys with different actions concerning individual surveys.


Here is a step-by-step overview of the page:

Status: Displays the status of the survey. Appears with either a yellow or green icon.

Yellow means that the survey is not active at the moment. Therefore, it cannot be answered.

Green shows that the survey is online/active and you can collect answers if you have a working link connected to the survey.

Survey name: The name you gave the survey at its creation. This name can be changed if you enter the edit mode for the survey and click the name at the top of the page. If you click on the survey name here, you will immediately enter the analysis mode for the survey.

Start: This is the start date of the survey.

End: Survey end date. The final date on which the survey can be answered. All links will close at midnight on this set date.

Language: Displays the language in which the survey is set. The flag is based on which language selection is made in the survey settings.


Click the graph icon to see the results of that specific survey. You can also click on the survey name to enter this view. You can read more about report here.

Click the pen icon to edit the survey. You will be taken directly into the edit mode for the survey and will have the option to make changes and updates. Read more about edit survey here.

Click the contact list to go directly to the Distribution menu for the survey. That’s where you create messages and links to collect answers. You can read more about distribution here.

Click the printer icon to download a PDF version of your questionnaire.

Click the folder with a downwards facing arrows to move the survey to Archived. Places the survey in an archive to be hidden from the first-page overview. You can go to the archive and retrieve your survey at any time.

Click the rubbish bin to remove the survey. That will move your survey to Deleted. If you have created tests or other surveys that you wish to remove, you can discard them here.