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SMS sendout

When to use?

When you have a set list of respondents that you want to reach by phone, we recommend sending the survey via an SMS sendout. It is easy to set up and perfect for sending automatic reminders to people who have not yet answered the survey.

Please note: There are additional charges for SMS sendouts.

Do not want to read? Watch the tutorial:

How to create?

Click SMS to access the SMS sendout menu. In this menu you will begin by customising what should be included in the text message to the respondents.

Near the top you will find an Edit button for changing the name of the specific sendout you are working on. This will be useful if you are working with multiple sendouts from the same survey. Changing the name of them to something easily identifiable is recommended. It is not a must, but navigation will be a lot easier if there is a date or specific name allocated to each sendout.

There are two open text boxes where you need to provide information:

Sender: You will need to specify what sender should be used for the SMS. There are some restrictions for SMS senders because of telephone standards and protocols that limits what can be used. The sender needs to be:

  • Letters or numbers only. You are not allowed to use any special characters (for example +!#-%) or spaces. Meaning you can not use “My company” as the sender. You will need to remove the space and use “MyCompany” instead, or use something different.
  • You can only use A-Z. Characters like Å, Ä and Ö are not allowed.
  • The sender field can contain up to 11 letters or 15 numbers.

SMS: Here you will see a text area where you need to enter your survey specific SMS text. This text is what the respondents will read before entering the survey.

We recommend that you have a very short greeting and invitation to the survey in this text.

Important: In order to have a working survey link in your SMS sendout you will need to have [[LINK]] somewhere inside the text. Should you remove the link from the text you will need to insert it manually in the text.

  • The SMS text is restricted by a character limitation. You may only use 150 characters in the SMS text. This is due to an official SMS protocol limiting the number of bytes that can be sent within an SMS message. There is a possibility to bypass this limitation by checking the box called Disable restriction. Important: Should you check the box Disable restriction and write a SMS text with over 150 characters, the text message will be sent as multiple SMS messages, meaning every sendout to your respondents will be charged as multiple SMS sendouts.

At the bottom of the page, you will find details about the Scheduling of your sendout. Here, you need to set a date and time for when the SMS should be sent. You can also create reminders. You can add several reminders in advance, if you wish.

How to set up/edit the reminder

After clicking Add reminder, you will be given the option to timestamp this and also edit the reminder SMS text. You do this by clicking the Edit SMS button. You can also decide who should be eligible to receive a reminder by changing this from the Send to drop down menu.

Please note: When in the Distribution overview, you will see your SMS sendout and all the reminders you have set up. Clicking on Reminder will lead you to the original send out. The reminder is only visible and editable by clicking Edit SMS.

Click Continue in the bottom right corner to save your SMS text and proceed to the Respondents tab to add phone numbers to your sendout.

How to add respondents?

In the respondents tab you will add all telephone numbers that should receive your SMS sendout. There are three different ways of adding recipients to the text message sendout.

Important: You will need to add all phone numbers with a country code and without any special characters or spaces. The correct format of the phone numbers is the following example: 46731234567.


Add telephone numbers: This option allows you to easily copy and paste telephone numbers from another source, such as Excel. The telephone numbers need to be separated by a single line break.

Use a previously uploaded list: Here you can select an already existing respondent list that has been saved to your account from Lists & Data.

Add file: You can upload an Excel file containing telephone numbers that you want to send the survey to. In this list you can include information about your respondents. This information is also called background data. You can read more about how to design the file and ensure successful upload here.

You will see how many telephone numbers you have added to your sendout in the area called Added. If you have already added one or more telephone numbers to your sendout, you can manage these by clicking Manage respondents (a small pen icon will appear right next to the number of respondents when there are respondents connected to your sendout). Here you can, for example, delete added phone numbers from the sendout, or edit information associated with numbers.

Click Continue in the bottom right corner to save your SMS and proceed to the Order tab to activate your sendout to the date and time chosen under Scheduling.

How to order a sendout?

In the Order tab you will activate all telephone numbers that you have added to your sendout for sendout. The sendout will not be sent until the date of your scheduling. If this date has already passed, the sendout should be sent within 5-10 minutes of being ordered.

Before you order your sendout you can review the date of the SMS and associated reminders, as well as the number of recipients. When you click the Order button, you will be asked if you want to activate the survey right away (unless the survey is already active). Before any SMS can be sent, the survey needs to be activated otherwise your sendout will not be successful. Once you have ordered the sendout you will be forwarded back to Distribution and should see a green circular icon in front of the sendout name, indicating that the sendout has been ordered.

Important: Should there be any warnings or information icons in your Order tab, there might be some information missing or information that you are being advised to double check. You can hover your mouse over these icons to see additional information.

The red triangle means that there is information missing and your sendout cannot be ordered as it is.

The yellow triangle means that there is something you are being advised to double check, just to make sure you have not missed anything.