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Step 1: Get Netigate Access

I do not have a personal login:
Why do I need a personal login?
Who do I need to contact to get a personal login?

I have received a personal login:
How do I set my password?
How do I log in to the tool?
My login information does not work

Why do I need a personal login?

In order to be able to create surveys and analyse results you will need a personal access to the tool. This access needs to be authenticated by your organisation and the access should always be granted from an administrator inside your company. All data that is connected to your account is owned by your company, which means that we have no legal right to create or update any user information without a signed consent from an administrator or decision maker in your organisation.

It is very important that you have a personal login, registered to your own name and e-mail address in order to prove that you are a verified user of the tool.

Who do I need to contact to get a personal login?

As mentioned, the first step to gain access to Netigate is from within your own organisation. Every Netigate customer is supposed to have one or more administrators who are responsible for the user management of your company’s account.

In some cases, the administrators are unavailable due to holidays, sick leave or other reasons that will make that administrator unable to provide you with the access that you need. In these cases it is more challenging to know where to turn. When this happens, or you just cannot figure out who to contact internally, we recommend you contact us directly and we can assist you with finding the contact that you need. The primary contact for this should be the defined contact person for your organisation, but it is of course OK to contact our Customer Success team and they can help you get in contact with the person that you will need to talk to.

In order to get your own access you should try these steps:

  1. Look through you own organisation and speak to administrators about being given a personal access to Netigate. Alternatively there is an internal form or request process that you will need to go through in order to be given access.
  2. Contact your Customer Relations Manager at Netigate.
  3. Contact the Netigate Customer Success team and they will help you find the correct contacts. You can find the correct contact information here.

I already have a personal login

Great! When you have received your personal login you will be able to set your own personal password for your access.

How do I set my password?

When your personal login is created the administrator can trigger an automatic verification that will be sent to you via e-mail. This e-mail is sent from or (depending on whether you are located on our Swedish or German based server) asking you to verify your account. In this e-mail there is a link that you will need to click and you will be forwarded to a page where you can set your password.

Note: If you do not receive the verification e-mail, check your spam folder or contact your administrator to get a new e-mail send to you.

On this page you will need to fulfill all the password requirements that are decided by your organisation in order to successfully set your password. You can see the minimum security requirements for a password in the screenshot above. When you have entered a password the “Password requirements“-informationbox should be ticked like this:

If a criterion is not met, it will be displayed with an X in the information.

Once you have successfully set a password you will automatically be navigated to the login page for the tool.

How do I log in to the tool?

If you have not already been forwarded to the login page you will need to go to the designated login page:

Swedish server:
German server:

On this login page you will need to insert your personal username (your e-mail address) and the password that you have set.

My login information does not work

There are two different types of error messages, should your login attempt fail.

Login failed: Should you enter incorrect login information you will get a message, displayed in red, explaining that the login failed and you should check your login information.

If you forgot your login credentials, click “Forgot your password?” and insert your e-mail address and you should receive an e-mail with a link to reset your password.

The user is not active: Every login to Netigate has an expiration date. In order for your login to work this login date needs to be active. Should you receive the message saying “The user is not active” your user access has expired and will need to be re-activated by the administrator within your organisation.

If you do not know who the administrator of your organisation is, please follow the directions in previous paragraph: Who do I need to contact to get a personal login?