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Step 6: Collecting answers

When the survey have been activated and sent out to the added respondents, or published via a survey link it will be available for respondents to answer the survey. The aggregated answers are gathered into Netigate and will be presented in real time with live graphs and word clouds directly in your account.

How quickly can I expect to receive answers?

Where do I find the survey results?

You can access you survey report in two different ways. You will need to be in theSee result or edit survey“ to be able to acces the report.

  • Go to the survey that you wish to view the results for and just click the name of the survey and you will access the report.
  • You can access the report directly by clicking the button “Click here to go to survey report“-button on the right side, under the options of that specific survey ().

You can view the result and create reports while the survey is still ongoing and those reports will be updated during the whole survey period. There are a couple of interesting things to keep an eye on throughout the survey period in order to get an overview of the progress of your survey.

Survey information

You will be able to follow your surveys answer frequency in real time in the results overview. This is interesting to follow to make sure that you receive the amount of answers that you require to make a proper analysis of the result. If you go to “Survey information” in the left hand menu you will get a number of interesting facts about the answers that have been registered.

Days left: Displays how long the survey have been live, and how long is remaining until the surveys set end date.

Sendouts: How many respondents (e-mail or SMS) the survey have been sent to.

Answers: How many respondents that of started responses.

Completes: How many respondents that have completed their answers to the survey.

Drop-offs: How many of the responses have dropped out of the survey before they have completed their answer.

Response time: How long does it take for your respondents to complete their answer. Calculated based on the median value of all completed answers.

Mobile users: An estimation of how many responses have been registered through a hand-held device.

Desktop user: An estimation of how many responses have been registered computers.

Drop-off rate: Will show you where in the survey the drop-offs (if there are any) have occured.

Answers per day: Will show you on what dates the answers have been registered. Interesting to follow the progression of survey responses and can be used in order to find the perfect times for adding reminders.

What is a good answer frequency?

This is a question that many ask, and it is a really difficult question to give a satisfying answer to. All we can do is to use statistics to create a benchmark for you to compare yourself to. Have in mind that there are a lot of different aspects that affects the answer frequency so please, do not use these numbers as absolute facts. They are only a indication of what other, similar surveys have received.

Customer surveys:

Employee surveys: