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Step 8: Create reports

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    Once you have analysed your results, the natural next step is to share them with your organisation and, if relevant, your customers.

    In order to do this, you will need to use the tools available in Netigate or build your own reports based on the survey data. To do this, there is an Export function that you can use to extract data from the tool and a Share function to create an online report that you can share via a URL.

    Download reports

    You can use the Export function to download your results and work with them in Excel, PDF, PowerPoint or RAW format.

    Note that you may need to customise the exported report before you present the data.

    To read more about downloading reports, click here.

    Share reports

    This option allows you to create a web URL containing your chosen report. It will spare you the work of downloading and customising reports from the platform and instead enables you to save and share them directly with those who need to view them. It’s easy to update and complete with informational texts. You can also share a report before a survey has ended. This is useful for sharing live updates of results with people who do not have access to the Netigate platform.

    To read more about sharing reports, click here.

    Reporting process

    1. Communicate the results

    • Discuss results with management teams, divisions and departments, etc.
    • Distribute Netigate reports to your organisation.
    • Use presentations to share the results with others in your organisation.

    2. Produce action plans

    • Base decisions on the survey results.
    • Use resources and competences you have within your organisation.

    3. Plan follow-ups with your organisation

    • Evaluate the survey process. How can it be improved for next time?
    • Perform follow-up surveys to measure the impact of actions taken.

    Can I get help with reports and analysis?

    Yes, of course you can!

    Our Professional Services can help you with advanced analysis and reporting of your survey results. You can preview an example of the reports produced by Professional Services here.

    For more information, please contact your designated contact person, or our Customer Success team and they will provide you with the correct contact information.