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Step 9: Create actionplans

When you have completed the survey, presented your findings to the organisation and management we recommend you sit down in a designated group of people from your organisation to create actionplans based on the survey results.

In order to keep your employees and customers engaged it is encouraging to see that there are actions taken. There is no shame in getting a low score on a survey, as long as you show an interest in improving. It can be a very good boost for employees and customers to see that you have made your survey, took your time to analyse it and have made adjustments in order to improve. An issue that is identified and solved can have a big impact on employee and customer loyalty.

The best way to display that you value your customers’/employees’ opinions is by showing them signs that you are listening. If the respondents of a survey do not feel like their opinions matter, they are less likely to respond to one of your surveys the next time they receive one.


To create an actionplan we recommend you follow these four simple steps:

  1. Prioritise – Choose 2-3 different areas that need improvement for your group to keep as their main priority.
  2. Explain – Analyse and brainstorm possible solutions, there are no limitations.
  3. Decide – Select possible solutions: What needs to be done? Who should be responsible? When is it supposed to be done?
  4. Implement – How and when are you going to follow up on your actions?

Close the loop!

When you have done your survey and completed all the steps, remember that feedback management is an ongoing process. Just because you have finished your survey it does not mean that you do not need to think about until next year. You will get a lot of important feedback by doing short pulse-surveys throughout the year. Perhaps via an API or monthly/quarterly survey as a part of the follow-up process.

The work is ongoing and in order for you to get the most accurate and up-to-date results we recommend you to follow this process:

To gain the most from this process use your company resources and work together. Together with dedication and care for your employees and customers you can follow these guidelines to succeed with your feedback management:

  1. Analysis is a necessity!
  2. Get reports at as detailed level as possible.
  3. Discuss how you want to handle open text answers, and communicate your decisions.
  4. Delegate responsibilities and keep managers up-to-date with the results.