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Survey link

When to use?

The Link option can be used when you, for example, want to place the survey on your website or in social media. Any situation where you don’t necessarily know your potential respondents e-mail adresses or e-mail adresses the link can be used to publish the survey in an environment where it can be reached by a suitable target group.

Watch a short tutorial:

How to create?

To create a “Link”, you click the option in the menu on the left hand of the screen, it will be added to the distribution of the survey that you are currently editing. You will be given a selection of “Link type” and a free text box where you can enter the desired name of the link. Please note that the name of the link will not be displayed to the respondents, it is only presented inside the tool in order for you to be able to identify it.

You will also have the option called “one answer / person (computer)”. Checking this will save a cookie locally on the respondents computer to keep track of the respondent activity on that specific link. For example if they have already used the link and they click the link again after having completed the survey, they will be given a message saying they have already registered an answer and can’t respond a second time. If the respondent have left a partial answer, this cookie will have this registered and will let the respondent continue on the already existing answer when they click the link again. Please note, this function is only effective if the respondent allows cookies to be saved on their computer or network.

How to distribute and view link?

After the link is saved, you can pick it up from the distribution tab by clicking the name of the link. You can copy the link and distribute/publish it as desired. It is important that you remember to “Activate” the survey before distributing the link. If the link is not active, it will not allow any answers to be registered.

To the right of your created link, you will find three small symbols:

  Click this to access a QR code that is connected to the survey link.

  Edit the link. For example, change name or turn on/off the option “one answer/person (computer)”.

   Click this to delete the link. If you delete the link, it will stop working completely and no one will be able to respond to the survey via it. You will not be able to restore the link after it has been deleted.