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Survey settings

When you are creating a new survey, you will be required to first enter the name of the survey. This survey name is for internal us and is only shown in the administration interface. Therefore it is not seen by the respondent.

Watch a short tutorial:

When you have created your survey you will be faced with a number of basic settings:

Set basic settings

Setting Description:
My Survey The name you gave the survey when you created it, click the text to change the name.
E-mail to contact person The address to the person that should receive questions from respondents concerning the survey.
Survey language The selected language applies for automatic messages and button texts used in the survey.
Design template Choose a design template that will be applied for this survey.
Survey category Categorize your surveys.
Multi language Settings Add translations to your survey to make it possible for the respondents to answer the survey in different languages.
Go To List Management Create and save respondent lists with background data to your account.
Other Settings Manage additional settings in your survey.


For additional settings, please click “Other settings”

Setting Description:
Allow access to completed answer Gives the respondent the option to enter the survey again and change their answer until the end date of the survey.
Allow multiple answers (excluding links) Will allow a survey e-mail, login or SMS-link to register multiple answers instead of limiting it to one answer per link.
Anonymous result Makes all the answers in the survey anonymous when you look at the result.
Start- and end date When you want the survey to start and to close.
Page display mode Show the questions on one or several pages.
Show page numbers Choose whether dynamic question numbers will be displayed to respondents or not.
E-mail report Enables ongoing reporting of received answers.
Show background data in e-mail Compatible with e-mail reports . Will include background data (if you have any) in the e-mail report message.
Alternate text for notify You can write your own custom message for the e-mail report.
Random order Randomize questions in this survey.
Count correct answers Use your survey to conduct tests and quizzes.
Display answers Show the respondents their answer when they complete the survey.
Comment Write internal memos and comments. The text cannot be read by the respondents.
Back button Gives you the option to have a back button in your survey or not.
Enter web address for redirection after completed survey (optional). Enter the web address you want to redirect the respondents to after they complete the survey, can also be left blank for no redirect.
Incentive You can add incentives to your survey and give to respondents.
Enable high contrast mode Adds an option for the respondent to view the survey in high contrast (black and white).
Custom start button text Gives you the option to change the text of the “Start survey” button in the respondent view of the survey.
Show progressbar value Adds a percentage to the progress bar displaying how far the respondent have progressed in the survey.


Click “Save” to save, or “Close” to discard your changes.

All: Click here if you want to see the entire survey all together. Introduction, questions and end text are shown and you can easily manage the layout, spelling, and other details of the questions. Edit the texts and/or questions and answers directly by double clicking the selected subject. To save and display your changes, click “Save” or click “Cancel” to discard changes. To change order of the questions, click on the selected question and drag and drop it to a new location.

Introduction: Here you are given the possibility to write an introduction text. The text will be the first thing the respondents see when they open the survey. This text can, for example, state the purpose of the survey or give special instructions to the respondents. If this field is left blank, the respondents will go directly to the survey questions. Click “Save” after adding the introduction/welcome text.

Tip! We recommend that you take this opportunity to give the respondents a better understanding of the purpose of their participation and of what the results of the survey will be used for.

1 (different numbers): Indicates how many questions the survey contains of. At first, all surveys contain of only one question but you can easily add a new question by clicking the plus sign.

End text: Under this tab it is possible to enter a text that your respondents will see when they are finished with the survey. We recommend that you always write a closing text to thank the respondent for having taken the time to answer your survey together with other information you might wish to communicate.

You can at all times click the icon for a preview of the survey. Depending on which tab you are standing on, that will be what you are previewing. For example, if you want to go through the whole survey, from introduction to end, first make sure you are currently on the “All” tab.