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Overview – Survey settings

When you are creating a new survey, you will be required to first enter the name of the survey. This survey name is for internal use and is only shown in the administration interface. It is not seen by the respondent.

Watch a short tutorial:

When you have created your survey, you will be faced with a number of basic settings:

Set basic settings

Setting Description:
My Survey The name you gave the survey when you created it. Click the text to change the name.
Enter a survey description An internal description of the survey, visible only to other users who have permission to view the survey inside the tool.
Survey start- and end date On what dates you want the survey to start and what date it should automatically close.
Survey language The selected language applies for automatic messages and button texts used in the survey.
Terms & Consent Adds a Terms & Consent page as the first page of your survey where you can insert the terms for participating in the survey. Respondents will need to consent to these terms in order to answer the survey.
Survey category Categorise your surveys.
E-mail to contact person The address of the person who should receive questions from respondents concerning the survey.
Design template Choose a design template that will be applied to this survey.
Multi language Add translations to your survey to make it possible for respondents to answer the survey in different languages.
Advanced Settings Manage additional settings in your survey.


Advanced Settings

For additional settings, please click Advanced settings

In this menu you will see the advanced settings categorised in the following groups:

Survey settings

You can read more about Survey Settings here.

Distribution settings

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Notification settings

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Survey incentives

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Survey retention

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Quiz settings

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