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Test your survey

How do I test my survey?

To test your survey there are a couple of possibilities, depending on where you are in the creation process and what you are interested in previewing.

Preview page

This option allows you to preview the current page that you are currently working on. You will not be able to move forward or backwards in the survey, only see the design and setup for that specific page. To access this mode, you need to have selected one of your questions. Next, select the paper and magnifying glass icon, up in the right-hand corner of the screen.

Click this icon to open a new window containing the preview of that specific page.

Preview survey

This option allows you to preview the entire survey that you are currently working on. You will enter at the introduction text and be able to freely move forwards and backwards through your survey questions. To access this mode, you need to select either All or Introduction and then click on the paper and a magnifying glass icon in the upper right-hand corner.

A new window containing the preview of the entire survey will open.


This option is available on the Distribution page of the creation process. Up in the righthand corner of the window you will have a button saying Testlink.

When clicking this button you will get a small pop-up window containing a QR-code, for those of you who have access to a QR-reader, in order to test it in a mobile version. You will also see a hyperlinked text saying Testlink. Click the text and a new window will open displaying the entire survey in a test environment. Using a test link will give you an authentic version of the survey with the possibility to test logic and jumps in the survey, as well as translations (if applicable). When the test link is used, there will never be any answers registered to your survey. It is only a version where you can test the functionality and look of your survey. You should never distribute a testlink to any respondents since you will never be able to read any answers given on a test link.

Test sendout (E-mail and SMS)

When you are working with an E-mail or SMS sendout you can test the entire respondent experience by sending test sendouts. This can be useful to make sure that you are satisfied with the format of the e-mail or SMS that is sent, and of course that there is a working link included in the message.

When you are inside an e-mail or SMS sendout you will have a button on the page that you can click in order to send yourself a test version of the sendout, containing a testlink:

Note: Test SMS sendouts works as an ordinary SMS sendout, and there will be extra billing for the sent SMS.