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    When to use?

    Textboxes makes it possible for respondents to enter brief text as a response.

    How to create?

    To create a textbox, you click the option in the menu on the left hand side of the screen. The text box will then be added as the last question at the bottom of the page you are currently editing. You will be given an option to modify the question with a description or heading. This field can of course be left blank.

    Changing the question to Text area instead of Textbox gives you a larger area for the free text response and is more suitable for gathering longer comments and suggestions.

    Note: The character limit for the textbox/text area is 32,000 characters. This is set as the limit because it is the maximum amount of characters that fit into an Excel cell and, hence, ensures that export is possible. For a textbox, you can choose a lower limit by entering the desired character limit into the Max. characters field.

    How to customise?

    Required: Click Required if you want the response of this question to be mandatory.

    The following options only work IN COMBINATION with Required:

    Numerical: Click Numerical if you want only numerical values (digits) to be approved as a response.
    Email Address: Click Email Address if only an e-mail address is valid as a response.
    Date: Click Date if you want to add a calendar to your questionnaire.
    External parameter: Click External parameter to be able to capture external parameters in the survey URL.
    Max characters: Adds a limit to the maximum number of characters that the answer may consist of.

    Textboxes in respondent view:

    Text area in respondent view:


    Questions and answers

    Question: Can I change the default text within a text box?
    Answer: No, this is not possible. The default text is hardcoded and will change per language of your survey. In some languages you might have the option to set the language in Formal or Informal – this will influence the tone of the text. It is, however, not freely customisable.