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Time limits and timer

The timer and time limit functions can be used to limit the amount of time spent on a survey. This can, for example, be useful for quizzes or tests. The functionality can also be useful if you have a survey end text that you want the respondent to read, but also want the respondent to get redirected to another webpage after a certain time.

Time limit

The time limit function has 2 uses. It can be set to either

  • define the maximum amount of minutes spent on a survey or
  • the number of seconds before getting redirected after finishing a survey.

How to set a time limit to a survey?

You can set a custom time limit to a survey by adding [TIMELIMIT:X] in the introduction text field of a survey.

X represents the number of minutes that a respondent has to respond to a survey. Replace X with the number of minutes you want to allow for your survey. This can be helpful if you want to use Netigate for a quiz or a test.

Example: [TIMELIMIT:3] will give the respondents 3 minutes to complete an entire survey.

Timelimit with Netigate

If the time limit is reached it will send the user to the end of the survey instead of to the next page when the user tries to proceed.

How to redirect a respondent to another webpage after finishing a survey?

By using a time limit in the end text of a survey it will define the amount of time before the respondent is redirected to a set webpage.

Enter [TIMELIMIT:X] in the end text. X stands for the number of seconds before the redirect sets in.

Timelimit with Netigate

If no website is set to redirect to, the time limit will not trigger. If a webpage is set without a time limit, the respondent will be redirected after a default number of seconds upon reaching the end text of the survey.


The timer can be added in the edit mode of your survey. Using the timer function will cause a timer to appear when responding to the survey. It will count down the time set by the time limit command.

How to add a timer to a survey?

Start by adding an information text field on each page where you want the timer to appear. In each respective text field, the text [TIMER] needs to be added.

Timelimit with Netigate

When responding to the survey the timer will be visible for the respondents.

Example of a question with a time limit