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New Netigate
Visualisera mål och framsteg i dina Netigate rapporter med målvärden och tröskelvärden

För dig som har Professional – eller Enterpriselicens har vi nu aktiverat målvärden och tröskelvärden. Genom att ställa in målvärden kan du infoga visuella markörer för dina mål i din rapport i Netigate. Tröskelvärdet ger dig sedan ett trafikljussystem som hjälper dig att tydligt följa upp statusen på dina mål.

Se videon nedan för att lära dig hur du använder funktionerna på mindre än två minuter.


New Netigate
Visualise goals and progress in your Netigate reports with target values and threshold intervals

Target values and threshold intervals have now been activated for Professional and Enterprise license holders. Setting target values allows you to insert visual markers for your goal results in your Netigate reports. Threshold intervals then provide a traffic light system to help you clearly track the status of your goals. Watch the tutorial below learn how to use these features— in less than two minutes!

New Netigate
The new Netigate platform has arrived

After almost two years of development, and six months in beta, we are now launching our new Netigate platform for all customers.

The new version of the platform was developed with four main focuses in mind: Security, stability, usability, and future-proofing. Alongside the feedback we have received from users over the years, these four goals have driven every technical and functional decision we have made during development.

We aim to move all customers to the new version of Netigate early in 2021.


When will I receive the update?
We have already started rolling out the new version to customers in batches. You will know you have access to the new version of the platform when a toggle button appears in the top right-hand menu of the Netigate platform Start page. This allows you to switch between ’Classic’ and ’New’ Netigate.

Do I need to do anything?
No. Once you get access to the new version you will seamlessly have access to all your existing data.

Will this affect my ongoing surveys?
No. All your existing surveys will run as normal without any interruptions.

Does this affect my collected data?
No. All your collected data remains unchanged. You will be able to access all collected answers in the new report environment.

Where can I get more information?
This page will be continually updated throughout the transition period. If you have any questions that are not answered here, you can contact us via our Contact form, or reach out to your Netigate account manager.

How do I migrate reports from CLASSIC report to NEW report?
If you have created and saved any report versions of a survey in the CLASSIC REPORT, you can migrate them to the NEW REPORT to keep or continue working with them further. Click here to find out more about making classic reports available in new report.