Netigate Success Center



Background data & Logic

In this webinar we want to show you how to work with Background data and logic within your surveys in Netigate.
We go through how to setup your background data file before uploading it and then how to upload it and make use of it in your survey in different ways and also how to work with Logic (Skip logic, piping and more).

  • How to set up your background data file
  • Uploading background data to your survey and send out
  • Using background data to personalize your e-mail send outs
  • Using background data to clarify certain questions by displaying names of people or products in your questions
  • Applying skip logic to jump past questions
  • Using logic to hide questions
  • Building logic to notify key people within your organization
  • Hiding specific parts of questions, be it options in a question or one out of two question on a certain page in your survey.

Instructor: Mark Åström
Length: 26:58