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Get to know and learn how to use Netigate

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New Success Center

Get to know and learn how to use Netigate

The perfect way to learn how to use the Netigate insight platform, take part in any of our webinars to get the knowledge you need to create great surveys and how to work with the results.

  • Create
    • Take part in our webinar where we show you how to create a survey using the different question types and settings available to you Netigate.
  • Send out
    • Learn how to distribute your survey with the help of E-mail, SMS, generic links and other options.
  • Result & Analytics
    • Get to know the Netigate Insight Platform and how to work with and analyze your data in Netigate.
  • Background data & Logic
    • Learn more about the more advanced functions in Netigate, such as attaching background data to your respondents and working with logic to take your survey to the next level.
  • Methodology (coming soon!)
    • Moving outside of the Netigate platform we take a look at the methods behind gathering data and analyzing the results.

Each of our webinars are ready to be viewed by clicking them in the list above at any time.