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Netigate Academy – Full Day Event

Our experts will teach you how to get the most out of the Netigate insight platform in order to become experts in how to create your questions, send out your surveys, and analyze your results.

  • Meet with our experts and other users
  • Refreshments and lunch are included
  • A limited number of seats per session

Take your time to meet our experts, share experiences with other customers, and learn how to use Netigate. Our workshops are organised at different dates across Germany.

The training is a full day event scheduled like this:

  1. We start off with learning about creating your survey, setting up questions, survey settings, and basic logic.
  2. We move on to looking at the distribution where you get to learn how to send your survey via E-mail, SMS, Links, QR-code, and more!
  3. Next, we look at how to work with your data, analyze your results, export and share the data. We will create comparisons and breakdowns and share the results straight from the platform.
  4. Last but not least, we will have a look at the account settings, such as user management, design, and survey categories.

Learning points:

  1. Create an online survey with Netigate
    • Create surveys
    • Question and answer types
    • Logic and jumps – basics and advanced functionality
    • Survey settings
  2. Reach your target group
    Distribute your survey through different channels

    • E-Mail
    • Direct feedback
    • SMS
    • Links and QR-codes
    • Logins
    • Background data – basics and advanced functionality
  3. Analyse the results
    • Real-time analysis
    • Target group analysis
    • Cross-tabulation and benchmarks
    • Online reports
    • Exports
    • Dashboards
  4. Administration of a Netigate account
    • Design
    • User
    • Survey categories