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How can I copy a page of my survey?

Select the survey you want to add the copied page to and enter Edit mode. Once there, select Import from the menu on the left-hand side. Here, you should locate the survey containing the page you want to copy (note that surveys are listed from oldest to newest). Once you have located the survey, you should then select the relevant page from the dropdown menu. Click Add and the page will be added as the last page in your survey. You can then move the page to where you want it.

Can I delete an answer option in an ongoing survey?

No, because this would change the order of answers and cause the report to be incorrect.

However, it is possible to hide any answer option using logic. To do this, locate the relevant question in Edit mode and select the Logic option. In the Logic box that appears, you can choose to hide the whole question, or a single option. To choose a single option, click on the box that will initially say Question. A dropdown menu will then appear containing all of the options available for that question. Select the option you want to hide and under WHEN, select always.

Once this logic is applied, respondents will not be able to see the option you have chosen to hide. Historic survey data remains, which allows the report to remain intact.

Why is ‘Create a survey’ greyed out?

You do not have the user rights to create a survey. Please contact your administrator about it.

What is ranking and how do I use it?

Ranking allows respondents to rank/choose the order of their answers in response to a question. For example, they may be asked to rank a selection of factors from most to least important. Respondents can only select each column once.

To use ranking in your surveys, you must be in Edit mode and choose to add a Matrix question type. Once you have added your question content, mark the Ranking checkbox to activate ranking. The respondent will then automatically see the ranking in the form of a classic matrix.

Can I attach files to a survey or a sendout?

No. Due to the risk of virus transmission, the attachment of external files is not permitted.

I removed all text from the introduction/end text but it is still appearing

If you see a blank page appearing as the introduction or end text, despite having deleted all text, it probably means that there is still some HTML code remaining on the pages. You can easily remove this when you are editing the survey, by clicking the HTML button in the HTML editor on the introduction and end text pages. Once here, you might see residual HTML code like break (<br>) or space (&nbsp). Simply delete any remaining text and/or code before clicking Save. Thereafter, the pages should no longer appear.


How can I format my question layout in the Multilanguage tool?

To format your questions in the Multilanguage tool, use HTML code. Note, always begin with .
Alternatively, you can go into processing mode of your survey (e.g. information field), set your preferred formatting, and then go into HTML mode (HTML button). Copy the code from here. Go to the Multilanguage tool, add and then the copied text from the processing mode.

Can I include additional questions when I have already added logic to my survey?

Logic mechanisms are linked to the pages where the relevant questions are found, not to the questions themselves. For this reason, we advise against adding questions after adding logic to a survey because the logic will be disrupted. If it is necessary to add questions after you have already added logic, you may have to erase the logic and reintroduce it.

Essentially, we advise setting up your entire survey before adding logic.

Can I use pictures as answer options in my questions?

Yes, you can choose the radio button question type and add pictures to your answer options. Alternatively, you can embed pictures with a customised script. For this option, please contact your Netigate contact person (CR manager).


Can surveys be embedded using iFrame?

Yes, with the aid of iFrame, surveys can be incorporated into a website. This allows you to show a survey directly on your homepage. Just add a general survey link to the appropriate iFrame code. For help with the iFrame code, please ask your IT department.
Please note: iFrames are only possible with links to our Swedish server (recognisable by the URL:

When and how do I use weighted questions?

In Netigate you’ll be able to weight your Radio Buttons and Matrixes. When you weight your questions you’ll get an average and standard deviation in the results for your survey. The average and standard deviation will be calculated depending on the values you enter for each option, for example, if you use a scale of 1-5, 0-4 or 0-10.

Is it possible to change response mechanism after the question has been saved?

Yes, it is possible for most of the response mechanisms. Please note that all response mechanisms are not convertible to all types of response mechanisms. Log in to your account as usual, click on View results or edit survey and then click the Edit-symbol. Go to the Overview-tab and click the Edit-symbol for the question at issue, a new window opens. Select Save as other mechanism at the bottom of this page. In the menu you see the mechanisms available for this specific question.

How can I add video to my survey?

With the help of our media function, you can easily add videos from youtube and vimeo by copying the link from the videos and pasting it into the media function.

How do I change the end date of my survey?

All you have to do is edit your survey, click other settings and you can now change your end date. After you’ve changed the date make sure you scroll down and click save.

Can I add/edit my questions in an ongoing survey?

Yes, to a certain extent.

Example: You can easily add questions to your survey but you should be careful if your survey contains logic! If you want to add new alternatives to an existing question you have to add them at the bottom of the already existing answer alternatives. In the report, you can sort your alternatives alphabetically for a clearer overview.